Sunday, December 21, 2014

Resent European research has found that consumption of 250 ml of beetroot per day can diminish blood pressure by 10mmHg.

The reason is beetroot contain nitrite which converted into nitric oxide in the body and this gas can widen the blood vessels. As a result blood pressure will significantly drop.

Beetroot consumption lead to red urine. Because red pigment in beetroot known as betanin is not digested inside the body and excreted via urine or stool. As a result temporally urine and fecal matter become a reddish color and this is known as beeturia. However, this is not harmful to your body.

Beetroot can be incorporate into our diet as juices, salads, as a curry etc. Tap the full potentials of this lovely vegetable help to cure your hypertension.

Figure: Beetroot Juice


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