Friday, May 9, 2014


Botanical Name: Cardiosprmum halicacabum
Sinhala:  Wel-penela

Wel-penela is an annual herb which is very common in the low country and throughout the tropics.  A decoction of the Wel-penela roots is given in half tablespoonful doses twice a day for bleeding piles. It is used to allay pains due to sprains and contusions about the joints. The leaves are used for rheumatism, nervous diseases, hemorrhoids and chronic bronchitis. The juice of the leaves is put into the ear for ear-ache and also used for the abnormal suppression of menses. Wel-penela is a cooling drink when prepared as a canjee. They are coated with castor oil and are applied on swellings and tumours. Welpenela is used for infants when they find it difficult to breath through the nose.


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