Thursday, May 15, 2014

Botanical Name: Erythrina variegeta
Sinhala: Erabadu
English: Coral tree

Its medicinal purposes are found to be many. The bark is a remedy against biliousness, and is useful in eye diseases. The inner part of the bark, coated with ghee, and held over a flam, forms affine soot, used for watery eyes. The juice of the leaf is injected into the ear, and it gives relief in cases of ear ache. The fresh juice of the leaves, with a little bees honey is an efficacious remedy for tape worm, thread worm, and round worm. The tender leaves are cooked with coconut milk as a vegetable for children who are one year old. This prevents worm complaints. As an agent that promotes secretion and flow of milk, either the juice of the fresh leaves cook in coconut milk can be given to mothers during the period of lactation. The juice of the leaves is applied to the guns to relieve tooth ache. A poultice of the leaves can be used over rheumatic joints. Indigenous physicians use to treat fractures and cattle diseases. 




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