Thursday, May 15, 2014

Desmodium triflorum 

Botanical Name: Desmodium triflorum 
Sinhala: Heen undupialli 

Three types of Undupiyaliya .There are Maha Undupiyaliya , Eth Undupialiya and Heen Undipialiya. All three types are used to produce Ayurveda medicine. Out of these most important is Heen Undupiyaliya. Some people grow it in order to add beauty to landscapes. It is said that walking on the groves of Undupiyaliya is healthy for eyes. It's said that their leaves contain vitamin B. Villagers of Sri Lanka used to prepare Undupiyaliya as Kanjee. It used to prepare ointments that used to cure diseases related to head. Medicines  prepared from it are used to cure diseases of Infants, Fracture of bones and to stimulate the production of milk of breast feeding mothers. It said that Undupiyaliya leaves can be dried and turned in to powder and can be consumed as a beverage similar to tea which is good for diabetes.


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