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Botanical name;  Nephelium lappaceum L.

Local Names;  Rambutan ; Sinhala     Rambutan; Tamil

Recommended Varieties

There are a wide range of rambutan varieties presently grown in Sri Lanka. Out of these, a number of best varieties have been identified for cultivation under various agro-ecological regions of the country. Use of such adaptable varieties is necessary to get a higher yield from a rambutan tree. Fruit of different varieties have its own characteristic flavor and taste.

Varieties recommended for various agro-climatic regions of the country
  • Malwana Special
  • Malayan Red
  • Malayan Yellow

Malwana Special Rambutan
Malayan Red Rambutan
Malayan Yellow Rambutan

Nutritional Value (Per 100 g edible portion)

However, this nutritional information may vary depending on variety, climatic conditions and nutrients available for growth of rambutan etc.

Medicinal Value/Uses
Rambutan is not suitable for those who are susceptible to bile and throat irritation

Fruiting Season in Sri Lanka:  May - August

The fresh fruits can be kept for 3-4 days at room temperature (25 – 30 0C)

Why are they unique?

Rambutan is growing in many parts of Sri Lanka. It is very rare to find a home garden without a rambutan tree in our country except in certain upcountry areas. Predominately, it is grown in Colombo, Gampaha, Kandy, Galle, Matara, Rathnapura and Kegalle. As a fresh fruit, rambuatn has a high demand in local markets. Likewise, a considerable amount of foreign exchange could be earned by exporting both fresh and processed rambutan products.

Potential for Rambutan fruit processing industry

Rambutan is consumed as ripe fresh fruit as well as various processed products. Rambutan is available as canned fruit in syrup. Rambutan, stoned, stuffed with a chunk of pineapple and canned syrup is quite popular among foreign consumers of canned fruit hence of the two fruits’ unique blend in taste.


  • Tropical fruits of Sri Lanka, Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka


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