Monday, May 20, 2013

Minimally processed apples 

What is Minimally Processing and Refrigeration of Fruits and Vegetables mean?

Minimally Processing and Refrigeration of Fruits and Vegetables can be defined as those prepared by a single or any number of appropriate unit operations such as cleaning, peeling, cutting, slicing, shredding, packaging etc. thereby give a partial but not an end point preservation treatment including use of minimal heat, a preservative or radiation.

However, tissues of fruits and vegetables will be partially killed, due to application of different unit operations. Although these fruits and vegetables whose tissues have been killed during processing but retained their fresh appearance.

Purpose of these products development is to deliver a fresh-like fruit or vegetable product with a extended shelf life as well as to ensure food safety and maintain sound nutritional and sensory properties.

Why these minimally processed fruits and vegetables are highly popular?

  1. Convenient nature; Minimally processed fruits and vegetables have two forms. They are ready-to-eat or Ready-to-cook. All these products are cater for convenience.
  2. These products preserve original fresh like qualities including nutritional and sensory attributes
  3. Less waste generation - Some minimally processed fruits do not contain peels and seeds e.g. Jack fruit. This is also important for urban counsils as they can handle less domestic waste
  4. Consumers can purchase requierd quantity. This is usually available as family pack size. It will also reduce post harvest losess and enhance food security
  5. Reduce the risk of getting rotten fruits; Some fresh fruits appear very good conditions but their interior flesh may be rotten
  6. Minimally processed fruits and vegetables have less expensive (due to family pack size) than intact fruits
  7. Minimally processed fruits and vegetables are not sensitive to chilling and can be kept for refrigeration

These products are popular among food producers and traders due to following reasons
  1. Their packaging materials are highly attractive, convenient in handling, easy labeling (labeling in raw pineapple is difficult)
  2. Defective or inferior grade raw materials can be used. After grading of fruits and vegetables too big and small produce will be rejected. they can be used for minimally processed product development.
  3. Minimally processed fruits and vegetables have longer shelf life than intact fruits - Important for exportors
  4. No or less quarantine activities for exporter
  5. Labor cost can be minimized. Therefore these products are suitable for hospitals, army camps, hostels, hotels, prisons etc.
  6. Theses products can be used in jam, cordial preparations and thereby certain unit operations can be cut down such as washing, peeling, cutting etc.



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