Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anona (Sour Sop)

  • Botanical name;  Annona muricata L.
  • Local Names;     Katu anoda ; Sinhala       Annamunna, Seeththappalam; Tamil
  • Recommended varieties; Local cultivars
Sour Sop Fruit

Anona ( Sweet Sop, Sugar Apple)
  • Botanical name;  Annona squamosa L.
  • Local Names;     Seeni anoda ; Sinhala     Annamunna, Seeththappalam; Tamil
  • Recommended varieties; Local cultivars
Sweet Sop Fruit

Anona (Bullocks heart)
  • Botanical name;  Annona reticulata L.
  • Local Names;     Weli anoda ; Sinhala        Annamunna, Seeththappalam; Tamil
  • Recommended varieties; Local cultivars
Bullock's Heart Fruit

Cherimoya (Custard Apple)
  • Botanical name; Annona cherimola Miller
  • Recommended varieties; Local cultivars
Cherimoya Fruit

Nutritional Value (Per 100 g edible portion)

However, this nutritional information may vary depending on variety, climatic conditions, nutrients available for growth of anona etc.

Medicinal Value/Uses

Ripe fruit is useful in treatment for arthritis, hematuria, tumors and hepatic disorders. Immature fruit is used for dysentery and allergy to avoids constipation.

Fruiting Season in Sri Lanka – May to July

Why are they unique?

Anona is highly adaptive to growing conditions in Sri Lanka. It is introduced from tropical America. It can withstand drought to a certain extent. Its rinds adhere to the white flesh which is very sweet and creamy with a distinct flavor and aroma. Almost all the varieties of Anona are very sweet, easy to peel and have special texture, flavor, aroma and special fragrant. Anona is either naturally grown or cultivated in home gardens. Currently Anona is cultivated in wet and intermediate zones in Sri Lanka.

Potential for Anona fruit processing industry

Anona fruit processing industry in Sri Lanka is still not properly developed. Anona can be used to produce different value added products such as cordial, RTS, cream, juice, ice cream etc. These value added products can be produced by either cottage level or large scale level. In addition to that research and development activities should initiate to identify maturity index for different types of Anona, storage methods, environmental and consumer friendly ripening methods, development of value added products with enhanced shelf life and preserve nutritional quality etc.

  • Tropical fruits of Sri Lanka, Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka



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